How Our Process Works



Our process is quite simple for a better fundraising experience.  We will work effortlessly for you to ensure a successful fundraiser that meets your financial needs. The process consists of 6 simple steps….

  1. Fill out the “Fundraiser Request Form”

  2. Once received, our team will send all necessary forms to begin the fundraiser.

  3. Participants generate sales (2-4 weeks) Money can be collected at time of sale or at delivery.

  4. After “Order Forms” are received, we process the orders (please allow 2-4 weeks)

  5. Product is labeled, sorted and delivered to Organization for distribution

  6. Organization is provided with a 30 invoice


Dudleys Toffee is committed to a hassle free fundraiser.  After receiving the “FRF” we will send a confirmation email to the address provided, confirming we have received the form.  Once processed, we will deliver the packets for the participants plus 10-20 extra packets to your organization. “Fundraiser Packets” will be delivered 2-3 days prior to the requested fundraiser start date to allow for distribution.

Order Forms are a 3 ply order form, White, Pink and Yellow.

  1. White to Dudleys Toffee

  2. Pink to Organization

  3. Yellow to Participant

Once the “selling period” has ended please mail the white copies in the prestamped envelope provided to:


Dudleys Toffee LLC

12 E. Ray St.

Indianapolis, IN 46225


Once Received, the manufacturing process will take approximately 2-4 weeks. Upon completion, product will be delivered for distribution. An invoice will be mailed to your organization.

****Please note****

The entire fundraising process will take approx. 6-8 weeks.


To Complete the Fundraiser Request Form